About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 1920, the League of Women Voters of New Jersey (LWVNJ) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization whose purpose is to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation in government.

Our name derives from the proud legacy of the women’s suffrage movement.  Today, more than 90 years after our founding, our members include women and men dedicated to safeguarding democracy.

What We Do

PROTECT New Jersey voters by analyzing problems on election days and recommending solutions to state and county officials, such as improving poll worker training.

ADVOCATE for the passage of legislation that extends and protects voting rights, offers equal education opportunities, and increases government transparency.

COORDINATE candidate forums and provide trained moderators to ensure nonpartisan discourse and promote fairness.

PROVIDE a year-round, toll free voter assistance hotline, 1-800-792-VOTE, to answer voting-related questions from the public, with extended hours on election days.

ANALYZE AND INTERPRET ballot questions for voters in clear, nonpartisan terms to help them make informed decisions on Election Day.

INTERVIEW candidates about crucial policy questions and widely distribute this vital information to voters.

PUBLISH AND DISTRIBUTE the New Jersey Citizen’s Guide to Government, a reference book that makes it easy for New Jerseyans to learn about their government and contact their elected officials.

Board Members for LWV Pompton Lakes, NJ

  • Carol Fouts, President
  • Lan Kassover, Treasurer
  • Lisa Ciancarelli, Public Relations, Publicity

Meeting Minutes for Tuesday, August 16th, 2022

  1. National Night Out
    Helene reported that National Night out went well, and we registered one voter! She said many people stopped by and picked up our flyer that contained detailed information about the upcoming November election. The consensus is that it is good to maintain our presence at this annual event.

  2. Vote411.org – It is time to begin setting up our candidates in Vote411.org. Carol will be sending out questions we have used in the past and ask members to provide feedback or suggest new questions. Carol will also provide Lisa with a draft letter for editing that will be sent to our candidates in advance of being invited to participate in Vote 411.org. Our letter will emphasize the appeal of this site and its effectiveness at helping to get their message out.

  3. Candidate Forums – Carol is finalizing dates with Toni Zimmer, our moderator of past forums, to schedule a forum with our candidates for town council. Once dates are finalized, we will contact the candidates to secure the date and begin the planning. We are hoping to make this an in-person/zoom forum and will reach out to the state league for technical assistance.

    Helene also suggested that we pursue a forum for school board candidates. She said in the past the PTA used to sponsor a debate for all school board candidates, and we discussed the possibility of cosponsoring a debate with the PTA. Helene agreed to contact Dr. Amoroso, the school superintendent, to float the idea and obtain contact information for the PTA leadership.

    The league was contacted to see if we would be interested in cosponsoring a candidate forum for the NJ District 9 congressional race. It was agreed that we would offer our help to the league that is organizing the forum. Carol will report back with any assistance we might be able to provide.

  4. High School Voter Registration – We will once again schedule a voter registration day at Pompton Lakes High School in September. We are targeting for National Voter Registration Day, which is Tuesday, September 20. Once school is back in session, Lan will reach out to the school to plan the event. We also decided that we would invite students to submit questions for the upcoming candidate forum and we will ask that the social studies teacher Lan contacts encourage them to participate in the registration drive and submit questions for our Forum.

  5. Next Meeting – Our next meeting will be Tuesday, September 13 at 4:00 pm via Zoom.