About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 1920, the League of Women Voters of New Jersey (LWVNJ) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization whose purpose is to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation in government.

Our name derives from the proud legacy of the women’s suffrage movement.  Today, more than 90 years after our founding, our members include women and men dedicated to safeguarding democracy.

What We Do

PROTECT New Jersey voters by analyzing problems on election days and recommending solutions to state and county officials, such as improving poll worker training.

ADVOCATE for the passage of legislation that extends and protects voting rights, offers equal education opportunities, and increases government transparency.

COORDINATE candidate forums and provide trained moderators to ensure nonpartisan discourse and promote fairness.

PROVIDE a year-round, toll free voter assistance hotline, 1-800-792-VOTE, to answer voting-related questions from the public, with extended hours on election days.

ANALYZE AND INTERPRET ballot questions for voters in clear, nonpartisan terms to help them make informed decisions on Election Day.

INTERVIEW candidates about crucial policy questions and widely distribute this vital information to voters.

PUBLISH AND DISTRIBUTE the New Jersey Citizen’s Guide to Government, a reference book that makes it easy for New Jerseyans to learn about their government and contact their elected officials.

Board Members for LWV Pompton Lakes, NJ

Carol Fouts, President

Lan Kassover, Treasurer

Lisa Ciancarelli, Public Relations, Publicity

Meeting Minutes for Tuesday, April 13, 2021

  1. Treasurer’s Report:  The current treasury balance is $36. As a reminder, annual dues of $20 are payable in June.

  2. Voter Education:  New Jersey’s June 8 primary election will be conducted “primarily in-person,” Gov. Phil Murphy said all of the state’s “regularly operated polling places” will be “open for all voters who wish to cast their ballots on the voting machines.”

    Important dates:
    • June 1 – Deadline to apply for a mail-in ballot for the primary.
    • June 7 – Deadline (3:00 pm) for application for in-person mail-in ballots for primary
    • June 8 – Deadline for Post Office Receipt of primary pail-in ballots and/or in person submission of primary mail-in ballots to County Boards of Election.

  3. At this point there is no information regarding mail-in ballot drop boxes or if people who voted by mail in the past will automatically receive a mail-in ballot for the primary. It does not appear so. See attached PDF prepared by the League of Women Voters of NJ for a complete list of important dates. Carol will be in touch with the Passaic County Clerk to get additional information.

  4. NJ Better Ballot Initiative:  The state league is at the forefront of this initiative. There is a lot of information at this website: https://www.ggcnj.org/betterballotsnj/ It does a good job of explaining the issues with the current layout of our ballots in NJ as well as excellent points regarding why we should always vote in NJ.  We agreed that we would study this issue and come to our next meeting ready to discuss whether we can develop a project for our league to inform and educate our local voters.

  5. Our next meeting will be Tuesday, May 11, 2021 at 4:00 pm via Zoom.